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  • We Are...

  • Community-based in Las Vegas, New Mexico
  • Dedicated to providing social & environmental justice services at no cost
  • All-volunteer-run
  • Non-partisan
  • Fee-free
  • Inviting your input & participation
  • Supported by donations (no corporate or government funding)

Our Approach

We utilize a model originally put forth by educator and activist Herb Kohl, and inspired by the work of Myles Horton during the U.S. Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. The essence of the model is to support the community in its discovery of its peace & justice needs and goals without us imposing any particular point of view. Above all, we promote non-violent solutions to social, economic and environmental injustices the community identifies as priorities. We believe that important as this work is, it should also be fun. Helping to create a healthy and more beautiful world needs to be a joyful act.

  • How Can You Help?

  • Non-tax-deductible donations mailed to:
  • Las Vegas Peace & Justice Center
  • PO Box 716
  • Las Vegas, NEW MEXICO 87701
  • Payable to: “LV Peace Center”